Gearing Up Your Car Today by Jon Caldwell

Wouldnt it be nice to be justly rewarded to be green conscious? Well, in this latest move by the B.C. government which offers to as much as $2,000 on fuel efficient hybrid cars, people are getting a feel of just how it is to make that shift to these hybrid and fuel efficient cars.

True enough, such a rewarding option has also helped car manufacturers like Toyota to benefit from this new development. One of the top model hybrid cars of this Japan-based car manufacturing, the Prius, has been the prime target of consumers for their transportation needs today. And mind you, the Prius does not come cheap. One unit alone costs $32,000, not a cheap price to pay for hybrid cars offered for a greener outlook in the world today.

Incentives are known to be good rewards that can entice a market and make them fully aware of the actual intent of governments; that of which is to feel how it is to be rewarded by being green.

In a move to help promote the shift from gas to electricity as their main source of power, various groups have experimented and come up with an electricity reliant car to reduce the gas emissions that have been key contributors to overall pollution and impending global warming.

While the big car manufacturers have not yet gone on the aggressive development for these alternative cars, a lot of the old cars that are mostly left to rot or be junked have been the guinea pigs for this alternative source of energy and fuel. Some may question the reliability of such conversions but it is best to get in depth to see how car engines can be transformed into this green movement as far as vehicles are concerned.

Whether you prefer a Toyota, a Honda or even the high-end luxury cars such as Mercedes Benz, green standard compliant cars would normally have less impact on any potential buyer. Reason for such is usually due to the fact that they are too bent on checking out the features such as power features and of course bonuses installed if and when they purchase cars.

In these cases, green standards are usually taking a backseat. Pollution control due to greenhouse gas emissions are almost a given when you purchase a new car. Maintenance is another thing but if you are buying a new car, chances are, these issues will only set in after 5 years and up.

Just think of it. Why would anyone buy a car that would be a smoke-belching vehicle. It is like buying a second-hand car for nothing special.

Most of us really want to live luxuriously and comfortably. Consumers dream of having their own means of transportation and while cars are within their reach, there is another issue that needs to be addressedpollution and greenhouse gases.

The air we breathe right now is contaminated. We can smell it and that awkward and different smell is the participation of pollution in the usually clean air we breathe. While people are more concerned of living better lives with good transportation, their health may be in jeopardy.

The increase in the number of motor vehicles, industrial and commercial activities, coupled with the rise in construction work in and around the city, is translating into a lot of air and noise pollution for the residents.

Almost every part of the city suffers on account of air and noise pollution, much of it caused by automobiles. The citys ambient air quality on several parameters leaves much to be desired, with the levels of pollution above the permissible limits.

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Rob Eckaus is a long-time enthusiast and a graduate of AMG, Audi, Exotics Racing and SRT driving schools as well as participating in hot lap sessions, drag racing, car events, and motorcycling. A Western Automotive Journalists and Motor Press Guild member, he has sold multiple lines of new cars as well as calling on dealers in California and Illinois. Follow the San Jose Cars Examiner on Facebook or Twitter and ask his advice here:

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Dogs trapped in hot cars in WA state can now be legally rescued by officers

Now that the summer is upon us, new laws are being passed to ensure the health and safety of pets across the country. WFTV is reporting that in July, a new state law will go into effect in Washington that will permit police officers to break into hot cars to rescue pets they determine to be in danger. The new law also ensures that police aren't liable for damages to the vehicle. Once in effect, there will be $125 fine for leaving animals in a car when it is hot enough to harm them.

According to the new Washington law, leaving animals in a dangerous enclosed space could lead to felony animal cruelty charges. Pets left in cars in hot weather are a serious concern in every state as the temperature goes up around the country. The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) says that cracking the windows does not remove the danger of heatstroke. The U.S. Humane Society reports that when it is 72 degrees outside, it can get up to 116 degrees in a car within an hour, leading to irreparable organ damage and even death of your pet, or of a child trapped inside.

They suggest that if you see a pet left in a hot car, take down the car's make, model and license-plate number. If there are businesses nearby, notify their managers or security guards and ask them to make an announcement to find the car's owner. If the owner can't be found, call the non-emergency number of the local police or animal control and wait by the car for them to arrive.

Here is a list of laws by state, compiled in 2014 by Michigan State University (MSU), which details the legal rescue suggestions when an individual sees a dog in a hot car, and the potential penalties that might be faced by a member of the public who attempts to rescue that animal. Before Washington passed their law, only 16 states, namely AZ, CA, IL, ME, MD, MN, NC, NV, NH, NJ, NY, ND, RI, SD, VT, and WV, had statutes that specifically prohibit leaving an animal in confined vehicle.

According to MSU, "most of these laws provide that the animal must be confined or unattended in a parked or stationary vehicle. Further, the laws add that in order for a person to violate the law, the conditions have to endanger the animal's life. Some of the statutes specifically state that extreme hot or cold temperatures, lack of adequate ventilation, or failing to provide proper food or drink meet this definition."

Unfortunately this is not a law in Alabama, where on June 23, it was announced that no charges would be filed against Corporal Josh Coleman of the Gulf Shores Police Department, who had left his K9 partner, Mason, in a hot car for so long that the dog died from heat-related complications. Coleman claimed he had the 3-year-old Golden Retriever with him inside at a conference, then walked him back to the patrol car and "forgot" about him.

The official statement from the department was that the officer is the real victim here. "The situation has been devastating for Cpl. Coleman and his family." Similarly, in late May this year, a Hialeah, Florida, police officer was suspended with pay after his two police dogs, a bloodhound named Jimmy and a Belgian Malinois named Hector, were found dead in his vehicle parked outside his home. Reportedly, the officer, Nelson Enriquez, did not call the Davie, Florida, police to report the deaths until late Wednesday evening, despite suspicion that he may have found them hours beforehand. A spokesman for his department said that the officer is "extremely distraught."

Though there is a Florida statute that states that any person who intentionally and knowingly, without lawful cause or justification, causes great bodily harm, permanent disability, or death to, or uses a deadly weapon upon, a police dog, fire dog, Search and Rescue dog, or police horse commits a felony of the third degree, there is history to suggest that police who kill their own dogs, even by accident, rarely receive any sort of punishment. Which, of course, leads back to the often cited multiple cases of "dog shot by cop", which has been discussed previously by this Examiner.

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Chicago, Yes, the Cars among new 2016 nominees for Rock Hall of Fame

The Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame certainly pleased a few fans in its latest batch of nominations announced Oct. 7, but some wishes were still not granted. The full list of nominees are the Cars, Chaka Khan, Chicago, Cheap Trick, Chic, Deep Purple, The J.Bs., Janet Jackson, Los Lobos, Steve Miller, N.W.A., Nine Inch Nails, the Smiths, the Spinners and Yes.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2016 inductees will be announced in December. Fans will again have the opportunity to officially participate in the induction selection. Beginning October 8 and continuing through December 9, fans can visit the Rock Hall site to cast votes for who they believe to be the most deserving of induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The top five artists selected by the public will make up a fans ballot that will be tallied along with the other ballots to choose the 2016 inductees.

To be eligible for nomination, according to the Rock Hall, an individual artist or band must have released its first single or album at least 25 years prior to the year of nomination. The 2016 Nominees had to release their first recording no later than 1990.

The ballots for the eventual inductees will be sent to an international voting body of more than 800 artists, historians and members of the music industry. It's worth noting that this year's nominees of Chic, N.W.A, Nine Inch Nails, the Smiths and the Spinners were repeats from last year.

Two groups of fans that will be disappointed by this year's nominees will be fans of Harry Nilsson and the Monkees. Nilsson fans had organized a hopeful campaign to get the singer nominated. And Monkees fans have been crossing their fingers each year to get nominated, but with no success.

Charities That Give Away Free Cars

Believe it or not, there are charities that give away free cars. Unless you live in a city with public transportation, having a car is one of lifes necessities. The ability to get to work and earn an income to support yourself and your family is dependent on having a reliable transportation. If you cannot get to work, you cannot earn a paycheck.

Even simple things, like going to the grocery store, now become a burden for a person who cannot get there. How can a parent take a sick child to the doctors office without a car, or pick up needed medicine? If you are responsible for caring for an ailing or older relative, how can you get there to take care of her?

Because of the struggling economy, many low income families find themselves needing a free car when their old one stops running, and they can no longer afford to fix it. Because of low FICO scores, credit card debt, and the inability to secure a loan, many fixed income families needing a car cannot afford to buy one.

But there is help in the form of charities that give away free cars.

Before you apply to any agency for free car, you will need to do some research to make sure you qualify. You will also need paperwork, such as your latest tax forms, to prove that you are in the economic parameters to receive a free car.

The first place to look when searching for a charity that gives away free cars is your religious organization. Churches and synagogues may be able to help if they know of a congregant who will be donating a car. A mass email, an article in their weekly or monthly newsletter, can set the wheels in motion to getting you the free car that you need.

In addition, your local Jewish Federation or Catholic Charities are non profits that can assist you in your search for a free car. They have social service agencies that can set you up with a donated vehicle. There are waiting lists to receive a donated car, so make sure you contact the social work department to set up an interview as soon as you realize that you need a free car. You can check you local websites for phone numbers and qualifications.

While there are many organizations that accept donated cars, many of them sell the cars to raise money for other charities. Another avenue for finding charities that give away free cars is to call the car donation centers directly. They may be able to provide you with a free car. Every state has its own car donation centers, so use youre the online Yellow Pages to find yours and start making contact. Calling will be more efficient than an email, as it is more personable.

Another organization for obtaining a free car is the website They have been profiled on many well known programs. You can read through the website and decide if you want to join for the chance at receiving a donated car for free.

You will definitely have to do your research in order to find charities that give away free cars. But all of your hard work will pay off when you drive away with your much needed set of wheels.

11 best new cars for 2012 Add to ...

After testing 57 new models, more than 70 members of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada - including Globe Drive contributors Bob English, Ted Laturnus, Michael Bettencourt, Dan Proudfoot and Richard Russell - have selected the best new cars for the 2012 model year.

From the 11 category winners, the Canadian Car of The Year and the Canadian Utility Vehicle of The Year will be determined; the two will be unveiled at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto in February.

The 2012 category winners are: (Please click on the photos below for more information about the cars nominated in each category)

Best New Small Car under $21,000: Hyundai Accent

Accent on bang for the buck


Best New Small Car over $21,000: Hyundai Elantra

The price of excellence


Best New Family Car under $30,000: Kia Optima LX

Look how far South Korea has come

Best New Family Car over $30,000: Kia Optima Hybrid


Optima leads a hybrid trifecta


Best New Luxury Car: Mercedes-Benz C-Class C350 4Matic Sedan

Benz is the best, barely


Best New Sports Performance (under $50,000): Hyundai Veloster

Style, stuff and price trumps power


Best New Sports Performance

(over $50,000): BMW 1-Series M Coupe

BMW leads German hit parade


Best New Prestige: Mercedes-Benz S-Class S350 BlueTec 4Matic

A Benz built for comfort not for speed


Best New SUV-CUV (under $35,000): Dodge Journey

Journey gives the most for the least


Best New SUV-CUV ($35,000-$60,000): Volkswagen Touareg TDI

Touareg is two good


Best New SUV-CUV (over $60,000): BMW X3

BMW X3: style over function

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Cup Holder Based iPad Car Mounts

Stance 1 iPad Car MountWhen it comes to finding an iPad car mount there are several different options available on the market, each one with it's own pros and cons. The majority of the car mounts currently for sale use either suction cups to secure the iPad to the windshield or dashboard while other varieties make use of the car's cup holders to hold the iPad in a convenient position. For the vast majority of users the cup holder mounted option seems to be easiest to use, provided that the mount places the iPad in the correct position relative to the user. But which cup holder style iPad car mounts are the best for home users?How Cup Holder Mounted iPad Car Mounts Work

The easiest to use and adjust of all iPad car mounts tends to be those that make use of the built in cup holders to hold the frame. In most varieties a cup sized plastic base, often with some degree of weight, sits in the cup holder and is prevent from moving by fins or some other feature that presses firmly against the walls of the cup holder. In cars that have weakly designed cup holders or those that pop out of the console of the vehicle damage may result to the cup holders themselves when the weight from the car mount plus the iPad is applied. This type of mount also is not very effective in cars where the cup holders do not have solid walled sides as the fins on the mount need something to press against.

In cars that have sturdy cup holders however this style of car mount is often a very good solution as it often allows the user to have the iPad down at a level that is easy to work with rather than up much higher as is often required of the dash mounted iPad car mount styles.

Recommended Cup Holder Mounted iPad Car Mounts

iPad stands that fall into the cup holder variety include the Ram-A-Can II iPad car mount from Ram Mounts and the Quirky Stance 1 iPad stand. These two models look very much alike but are singled out by the difference in the arm that holds up the iPad. In the Ram-A-Can II the mounting arm is totally flexible, allowing the user to reposition it to the user's exact needs. The Stance 1 on the other hand is almost the same visually but instead uses a solid metal arm with pivots on each end. It also converts into a convenient iPad case when not in use. While the Stance 1 appears to be more stable the Ram-A-Can II is more easily adjusted to a variety of angles.

Other brands of this style of iPad car mount are available but few have as reliable a reputation as those from Ram Mounts. As always, and with any purchase of this kind, purchase the mount from a reputable seller with a well defined return policy and keep the receipt until you are certain that your new car mount will work as you need it to.

Cars :: The New Seat Leon Is Stylish Inside And Outside

The New Seat Leon Is Stylish Inside And Outside

The latest SEAT Leon is the third car to be built on the VW Groups much praised MQB platform. This platform will eventually be used in almost 30 cars from the Polo to Passat. The Leon is the trendiest car yet being built on the MQB platform. This car is smaller than its predecessor; its got a larger wheelbase for extra interior space and the boot is bigger too. Quality has been improved, with better interior and precise body panel gaps. The comfort has been improved too thanks to a much relaxing ride. Its engines and gearboxes have also come from the Mk7 Golf. The Seat Leon is the firms fresh Arrow Head design language. LED headlights can be had as an option, while the new Leon is also the first vehicle to get the companys new simpler S logo.

The interior is much more exciting place to be than the serious Golf, and the quality is top notch too. All models across the range get a touch screen to control the audio and the optional sat-nav. The dials seem to have been borrowed from the expensive Audi A3. The new Leon has been tested for the Euro NCAP safety ratings. However, the body is made from high-strength steel, stability control comes as standard and it has lots of airbags. As it is built on the MQB platform, it features the same engines and the gadgetry as the new Golf and A3. Despite its elegant looks, the five-door Leon is still a practical car. It has lots of space for front seat passengers.

The back doors open wide and theres lot of leg and headroom for tall passengers. The boot is big with a luggage capacity of 380 litres and is nice and deep. The rear seats dont fold flat fully. If practicality is what youre looking for then wait for the Leon ST estate which arrives in late 2013. Its stylish looks dont mean that the Seat Leon is not practical. It has lots of space for front seat passengers which make a comfortable driving position. The 380 litres boot is very handy. If practicality is what you are looking for than the Leon ST estate arrives later this year. The new Leon is the first car to get its new Arrow Head design.

The LED headlights are now LED and it gets the new simple S logo. Seat Leon has been made with new steel body and it has host of safety equipment on board. It has plenty of air bags which helped it to score a five start Euro NCAP rating. All of the Seat Leon engine range is now turbocharged with direct injection. Some engines have improved efficiency up to 22 per cent from the previous engines. Using the MQB platform Seat has managed to cut weight by 90kg from the outgoing model. The Leon is also 10 per cent more aerodynamic than the previous car. Seat will add an even prudent Ecomotive model emitting just 89g/km, to its range later in 2013. But the Leons key plus point is that its around 10 per cent cheaper than a Golf on which it is based.

Cars for sale under 800 dollars

When you begin your search for cars for sale under 800 dollars, understand that you wont have a lot of options. At this price, you will not be able to find a brand new car straight out the factory. The reality is that if you are willing to buy a used car with quite a bit of mileage and one that requires some work to be done, it is definitely possible to find one. If you are hoping to buy a car with decent mileage, which also runs well, I suggest you check out cars that cost anywhere from 5,000 to 1,000 dollars. Below are a few tips on how you can find cheap cars for sale under 800 dollars.

Repossessed Cars

Start your search by looking at repossessed cars. These cars have been taken back after it was rented or leased because the owner failed to make payments. Usually if the person is late in payment by 30 days, their car is liable to be repossessed by the lender. The lender will send a repo agent to use a tow truck to pick up the car. These used cars are often sold at low prices at auctions and if you are lucky you can find a great deal. If you type in repossessed cars in to the Google search engine, you will find tons of auctioning websites. I recommend you check out where I found several low bid cars under 800 dollars. The site also provides the location of the car, current mileage and the overall condition. Usually used cars will have scratches, dents, rusts and other cosmetic disfigurations. However, most repossessed cars are still in good condition and should run smoothly without any major mechanical adjustments. If you rather find an auction offline, you can go to your local police department and find out when they have their annual sales where they auction off any seized cars or trucks to the public. You can often times find great deals at these auctions as well, but understand that there might be a lot of competition from other enthusiastic buyers.

Cash Only

When it comes to buying cheap used cars for under $800, cash is your best friend. Check out local garages or car shops in your neighborhood and ask if there are any cars for sale. More often than not, there will be cheap cars that owners want to sell as quickly as possible. You will have an easier time bargaining with them if you bring cash instead of credit. Used cars that cost anywhere from $1,000 to $1500 can easily be bargained down to 800 dollars if you are persistent and convincing. Remember that car salesmen are notorious for marking up prices much higher than market value, even for used cars. A good rule of thumb is that you can haggle for 50% of whatever the seller is asking for. Usually if you are persistent and offer to pay in cash, you will be able to purchase the car for under 800 dollars.

Other Places to Look

If all else fails, you can always check out online auction sites such as eBay. Simply input the price range you want and hit the button to see the results. Honestly, it is difficult to find cars for sale under $800 on eBay. However, every now and then, there is a seller willing to sell a decent car for a good price. Another place I suggest you look at is A lot of people sell their cars on this site and many are willing to accept a couple hundred dollars to sell it as quickly as possible. If you search hard enough, you might find a couple of real gems. Also consider purchasing broken down vehicles if you have experience fixing cars. This can save you a lot of money down the road because a lot of auto shops charge exorbitant rates an hour and there is no telling whether they are doing an honest job or ripping you off.

Things to Consider

Always remember that there are risks involved with buying a used car for under 800 dollars. A lot of these cars will need proper maintenance and many will break down after a few times on the road. Before purchasing a used car, ask yourself if the money you save is worth the possibility of finding yourself on an empty highway with a broken down car. By spending a few extra hundred dollars, you can find a far better car that is less likely to give you a headache in the future. Realize that a car for sale under 800 dollars is not the best buy if you are unwilling to deal with the possible consequences.

How to import secondhand cars into Kenya from Japan

Buying a car locally can be expensive, especially considering that the seller might be putting it up for sale after noticing a few hiccups here and there and doesnt want or can no longer afford maintenance costs. So after a likely strenuous and thoughtful patch in time, you might have reached the decision to import a vehicle yourself and save a couple of thousands in a good car deal.

Most cars for sale in Kenya have blast past 8 years of age, a post-optimal performance period where unceremonious stops on the roadside to make quick repairs are quite common. In fact, according to the Kenya Revenue Authority, Kenyas tax body, most cars shipping in through the Mombasa Port are already used for 7 years; importing vehicles past 8 years of use is illegal, according to a KS 1515:2000 quality standard set by the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and enforced by the Kenya Customs.

Further, and understandably, car dealers in Kenya that import used cars from Japan must scale up the buying price to make a profit, even if to just make enough to keep their businesses afloat.

No one says importing cars into Kenya is easy. If doing it for the first time, it might even end up costing you more than if you had bought a car locally in the first instance. To import Japanese cars into Kenya, here are handy tips and measures you might find indispensable and in accordance to the Government of Kenyas requirements on used car importations.

How to Import Used Cars Duty Free into Kenya

The Government of Kenya allows Kenyan citizens based overseas to ship in used cars duty free after passing a few eligibility conditions.

Have attained a minimum of 18 yearsMust have personally owned the car in question for at least the previous 12 monthsMust have resided overseas for the last 2 years and have not been in Kenya during this time for a period adding up to less than three months (90 days)The car must not be over eight years old from year of manufacturingThis kind gesture is only extended to an individual ones

In addition, foreign diplomats and high level investors can also tap into this window of exemption from car import duty in Kenya, but for the purposes of this article the concern is on importing second hand cars from Japan into Kenya.

How much does it Cost to Import a Car into Kenya?

It depends on whether your desired car meets some or all of the following conditions and requirements.

i) Current Retail Selling Price (CRSP)

CRSP is the amount KRA estimates to be the current recommended retail price of a specified car model while new Not necessarily how much you paid for it overseas. Also important to note, is that the CSRP considered by KRA is based on the manufacturing date of the car and not the date of the cars initial registration in its country of origin that might have taken place months later.

While KRA considers the manufacturing year of the motor vehicle to determine whether it should be allowed into Kenya, it is the registration date thats considered when calculating for duty fees.

CRSP values of popular models are availed on the KRA official website ( and are updated every six months.

ii) Year of Manufacture/Age of the Car

New cars attract 25% duty on the CRSP. So, if you intend to buy a Toyota Premio with a KRA CRSP of KSh 1,000,000, some KSh 250,000 will add in as duty fees. For each year past the manufacturing date of the car, KRA slashes off 10% from the initial CRSP of that car model. Such that if your car by the time of importation is a maximum 8 years old, KRA charges 25% of the difference between the initial CRSP (KSh 1,000,000 as in the example above) and the current discounted CRSP (70% off the KSh 1,000,000). Around KSh 300,000.

iii) Tax and other Charges

According to KRA, heres how to calculate excise duty, Value Added Tax (VAT) and Import Declaration Fee (IDF). CIF stands for Cost, Insurance and Freight amount paid for the car, and is deduced from the vehicles CRSP.

Import duty = 25% of CIF amount of the carExcise duty = 20% of the (CIF amount + Import duty)IDF = 2.25% of CIF value. The minimum amount you can pay up here is KSh 5,000.Value Added Tax = 16% of (CIF amount + Import duty + Excise duty)Online Import Duty Calculator

You can use web-based tools to help you calculate up to the last coin, the amount of cash your used car import process may end up costing. Typically, an online kra import duty calculator consists of fields that require you to enter your desired cars information. This includes but is not limited to the year of manufacture, make and model, body type and engine capacity. In Kenya, vehicles that top the 2000cc engine capacity generally attract a higher duty charge.

Hidden Charges You need to Know

Also, it is wiser to go for cars that are below the 8-year old rule since unforeseen changes in shipping or other paperwork can quickly make yours an illegal purchase. Consequently, you might either lose your initial investment or have to oil hands to get things moving faster at the Customs offices a corrupt, illegal activity in itself.

It is thus wiser to enlist the services of clearing and forwarding agents to speed up the process seeing that theyd have the advantageous experience and networking powers at the port. Furthermore, KRA requires importers to have clearing agents to work on their behalf through the KRAs online Simba platform.

There are some other charges involved in the process of importing a used car from Japan to Kenya.

You may have to pay your auction agent in Japan an agreed amountShipping costs vary too, but on average KSh 10,000 - 13,000 and are paid to the shipping line involved in transportationAfter the ships arrived at the Port of Mombasa, you will have foot container freight station (CFS) fees ranging from KSh 18,500 for 2WD salon car to highs of KSh 34,000 for a 4WD.While at the port before clearance, you will also have to cater for storage fees that start from KSh 3,000 per dayThus it is clearly important to ensure you hire a competent clearing and forwarding (C&F) agent to save you money and time. On average, a C&F agent will need compensation starting from KSh 15,000 (negotiable) onwards for both units and more for containers.Cheap is not necessarily best here, so remember to check on an agents reputation before inking an agreement with him/her. Some C&F agents offer to register your car, acquire number plates, make minor repairs (cosmetic or otherwise) and deliver the car to your doorstep for the said amount while others will ask for additional fees.Beware of Rising Motor Vehicle Fraud in Japan!

According to the Japanese Embassy Office in Kenya and the Japanese Used Motor Vehicles Exporters Association (JUMVEA), there precautions you can take to protect yourself and investment from increasingly aggressive and internet-smart fraudsters.

Check the JUMVEA official website for a definitive list of recognized and registered used car dealers in JapanAvoid car dealers that provide numbers starting with +81-80 and +81-90, which are probably not permanent cellphone numbers, but landlines that are easily accessible and affordable in JapanA company that deals only through email and cellphone may not be credible.If a deal is too good, think twice. Fraudsters use price cuts to trick potential and unsuspecting buyers shopping around for cheap used cars.Demand an actual odometer test before remitting the moneyDemand and check multiple photos of the car, both interior and exterior, and also check for consistency on the background to ensure the photos are not alteredGet the details of both the purchase and car dealer in writing before committing your money. Check the information against data available at the Nairobi-based Japanese Embassy.

To sum up, while importing a secondhand vehicle in Kenya can be quite an uphill task, it is well worth it if done right. Again, it is important to enlist the services of clearing and forwarding agents at the port of Mombasa. This way, you dont end up abandoning the car at the parking lot after storage and other charges have accrued to high amounts, and the Customs Department wont let you take your car from the port area. Hopefully the information above helps you import your car without any glitches.

Used Cars For Sale In India Finding The Best Ones? by Mike Hussey

Its human nature to verify stuff before putting money down the table, whether you are buying a household equipment or you are buying a car, its quite imperative that you make a complete check about the stuff that you are buying. This becomes even vital when you are buying used cars in India, the reason behind this is that there are plethora of dealers offering Used cars for sale in India, and the Car Prices can vary significantly from one dealer to other, and everyone want to pay the lowest Car Prices and get the best Used cars for sale in India.

So, considering this I have come up with my own way of finding the best used cars without actually paying heavily for them. I have been an automatic fanatic since my childhood and these shining beauties have always tempted me, I have read a several New Car Reviews and in fact have written and published may of New Car Reviews, so the way that I am describing here is not just a hypothetical approach, theres a lot of research and experience involved in it.

If you are looking for Used cars for sale in India then the best place to start your hunt is internet, where there are plenty of automotive portals that lists used cars from different makers and of different models. The wide array of used cars listed at such automotive portals can leave anyone stunned and jumping with joy, seeing so many nice car models at such a catchy Car Prices. The best thing about these places is that they even provides New Car Reviews for their readers to help them know everything about the new cars getting launched in Indian auto market.

User looking for Used cars for sale in India and users willing to buy new cars, both are benefited by places like this. The New Car Reviews published at these websites helps the users who wants to buy new cars in coming future, by providing them unbiased reviews of different cars, starting from their performance to their Car Prices etc, you can find out everything by means of these New Car Reviews. Similarly like the New Car Reviews there are reviews for used cars as well and if you think that any used car is good for you, these websites provides the used car reviews as well, just to make you acquainted of the options that you have and which are the model you can put your money on.

So whether you are looking for Used cars for sale in India, or just are browsing Car Prices for the new cars launched in Indian market, these websites will come handy in every possible way. The unbiased care reviews at these websites covers each and every aspect of new and used cars, be it their performance or their feature list, you will come to know every single information about these cars, at these websites. So, in a way these automotive portals are your guide to getting great cars, whether they are new or used, and I am saying this because of my personal and efficient experience with these websites.

Math Used in Everyday Auto Racing and Design

Math Used In Automobile RacingMath used in professional auto racing involves every type of math learned in school today. Math is used in every aspect of a race cars design and performance. Drivers are analyzed using every known math equation possible to determine how good a driver is on the race course. Some math concepts used in auto racing include:Basic MathAlgebraMeasurementProblem SolvingCalculusTrigonometryGeometryData AnalysisEvery Day Math

Everyday math is used to analyze a professional driver to make comparisons and determine where improvements are needed. For example:

How fast a driver makes his/her way around a corner compared to other drivers?How fast the driver goes down a straight away?Race speeds compared to practice and qualifying speedsLaps led in racesAverage finishing positionQuality passes passing other cars in the top 15Total winnings in moneyNumber of top 5 finishesNumber of top 10 finishesNumber of pole positionsNumber of winsMath You See in a Race

You may not realize it, but you see math in every race. It may not be obvious; however, here are a few examples:

Number of laps, with the number of laps remaining in the raceNumber of laps lead by a particular driverAverage speeds for carsMiles per hour of carsInstantaneous speed of a car at specific points on the courseSeconds ahead or behindNumber of laps behind or aheadNumber of cars on the lead lapThese are just a few of the types of math used in auto racing.Race Cars are Math Manipulatives

Before, during, and after a race everything about a race car is measured. Such as:

Tire tread depth of the remaining tread on a tire is measured to determine how the car is handling after it is removed from the race carAll four tires are measured and the data is used to determine the forces being applied to each tirePit crews are measured to see how long it takes them to handle all the manipulative aspects of the race car to get it back on the trackThe angle on the spoiler is measured before and after the race to ensure it meets the rulesThe amount of gas used during the race is measured to determine fuel efficiency and how far the car will go a tank of gasRace car designers have to face math problem solving situations when building a new car, such as:Weight restrictions the car must fall within to meet specificationsWeight of all materials to construct the carRoll cage measurementsEngine size and weightTransmission gear ratios and weightDrivers seat fits driverFuel tank weight when fullSize of tiresWeight of driver and drivers equipmentNot only do designers take weight into consideration, they also have to determine precise measurements to cut materials. These measurements are typically down to the millimeter (mm) range. High performance professional auto racing requires cars be built within a mm of design specifications, so the car will work properly on the track.

As you can see, math is used everywhere in professional auto racing and this is just an overview of the big measurements. The engine builder must use precise measurements to construct the engine from raw metal materials. The all important sponsor stickers on the car must be placed in the right location through measuring their relationship to other stickers. Visit An Interactive K-12 Math Website for online math simulations.

Tips For Buying Used Cars From Japan Online

By: James Jhones seo

Japanese domestic models are becoming popular in the world because of high-end quality product. Japan is the leader in the automotive manufacturing industry for the past 20 years; he has very high standards in the local market. By nature, the Japanese like cleanliness and love and take care of their cars like babies, which is why, even 15 or 20 years older cars are in perfect condition.

Huge online advertising and news on Yahoo Auctions or eBay just leave a sense of insecurity, especially if a seller is a professional or what is the status of sellers. Although these online auctions provide their own ranking of individual members then how are the real professional dealers serving. Since the popularity of online shopping there has always scams, but as far as the reputation of the registered dealers Japanese are concerned, there is a satisfactory opinion.

There are several ways to discover the credibility of a used car dealer in Japan. Each dealer is awarded by a registration number issued by the Police Department. This license proves that the dealer is allowed to continue business of used cars from Japan. You can also check if the online retailer has been for many years or just a beginner. Most of the time fast response with good management of these dealers is sent by the client mailboxes.

Suppose you are looking for an SUV right now where to start. Japanese domestic cars market is flooded with so many SUVs that you have not seen outside of Japan. Any manufacturer Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, etc. have high SUV lineup. You should start to select from: - if your desired Toyota SUV Cars parts easily available from your living space, engine size, passenger capacity, cargo capacity and your personal budget. After experiencing them, you can hit for exporters and brokers renowned auction. For national auto auctions in Japan give you wide choice to select it also provides you with statistics.

One of the sites is SBT Japan, where you can view major auctions after becoming a member online. This site is running since 1999 and has helped clients around the world. Members can view current auctions for used cars that are held in Japan, and can make online offers on this site.

Japanese used cars are much cheaper to buy directly from auctions, and a fact that there is no other major source for the distribution of cars. Auctions of Japanese automakers are not biased and provide excellent services. Once you become a member online SBT Japan website, you can send a request through their contact page. You will receive a very quick response and advice on the purchase of Japan, and exported to the country by ship your car transport or container inside. One more good things about Japan is they SBT Japan keep a record of all sales and thus for the future needs of broken parts, you can get no cost alarming. They can even help you use the spare parts, which are cheaper compared to the new ones. The demand of used Japanese cars is mainly from African countries like Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique and South Africa.

About the Author:

For more information on Suzuki Carry, and used cars from Japan you can visit SBT Japan which is trusted and leading used cars exporter.

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Setting up a remote control car can be as much a science as it is definitely an art, the physics behind rc cars is precisely the identical since the physics that governs real cars, if you realize how setup changes inside a race car work, you already know the way to setup a remote control car. However, if you are likely to think more about it, you knows that this really is actually among your best options so that you can finally have your own vehicle. So inside the end, it's your decision, depending on your budget and liking.

Repairing Auto Vehicles Shops. The ease of being able traveling a short distance to view the vehicle and take it to be inspected saves time, money and is also recommended. They have to pay for rent, electricity, admin, accounting and a whole host of other expensive things and you as the buyer have to incorporate these costs on your own purchase.

The world of ride on toys is unquestionably changing, it will be fascinating to see what develops over the next twenty years!. Your starting point needs to be to try the classifieds sites like Craigslist to locate a bargain through private sellers. Further specifications in everyone of these kinds of SUVs in India as well as the hatchback cars in India can be understood from the reviews that are published in the internet sites or in the four wheeler journals. Your first step should be to try the classifieds sites like Craigslist to locate a bargain through private sellers. About the Author:If you're looking for that most reliable Used Mazda Car for Sale in Kansas City, you'll never make a mistake with these tried-and-tested models just visit KCMazda.

If all else fails, you can always check out online auctions such as eBay. 4 Wheel Drive models are incredibly great for light off-road driving. Here may be the listing of the greatest car for fuel efficiency:.

Nissan Maxima. Sometimes you even get lucky in order to find an excellent used car by just driving around your town. All it requires is a little investigative work together with patience and perseverance and you'll have the car you wanted. This is primarily because of the main reason that manufacturers put used cars through a pair of inspections, and only if certain parameters are met, the automobile is wear sale. Here are a variety of the steps a good software process needs to go through.

The Steering: Check to make sure that the steering just isn't heavy and vague. Hatchbacks are usually the tiny segment cars, using the back side of the car getting the space for keeping goods. The show, which runs from October 23 - November 1 at the Miami Beach Convention Center, will feature a huge selection of vehicles in the world's top auto manufacturers. In the affordable and reliable used car list, Honda, Ford and Toyota dominate the list. And should you are looking for a much better car, which has all features that a Maruti 800 doesn't have you then can buy Hyundai Santro, Maruti Esteem, or you will go for latest models also in the big event you providing them with in true value.

The second thing is quite similar towards the first in that an intensive credit check can be well definitely worth the investment. There are no surprises after shipment or long travel following this suggestion. Hope the aforementioned list of cars to avoid buying secondhand, helps you in deciding on the best car within the segment.

Rarest And Expensive Cars Inside The World

Setting up a handheld remote control car is as much a science as it is definitely an art, the physics behind rc cars is strictly the same because the physics that governs real cars, if you know how setup changes in the race car work, you know how you can setup a handheld remote control car. However, if you are likely to think a little more about it, you are fully aware of that this can be actually certainly one of your best options in order that you can finally have your own vehicle. With some serious searching, a second hand car that is as good as new can be bought without paying of the extra depreciation that sticks soon after it has left the dealership.

Some used cars are still covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Hatchbacks are usually the little segment cars, with all the back side of the automobile obtaining the space for keeping goods. It is rated through the EPA to get 31 miles per gallon of fuel. If you type in repossessed cars in for the Google search engine, you'll find tons of auctioning websites. If you looked over their email list above and still are wondering whether you can actually afford to shell out a lot more than 10,000 for a fresh car, you could want to check at used cars.

Always keep in mind that you will find risks involved with purchasing a used car for under 800 dollars. A Western Automotive Journalists and Motor Press Guild member, he has sold multiple lines of latest cars also as calling on dealers in California and Illinois. If it's your first day out hunting for a nice used car to your teenage son or daughter, it is most beneficial to simply browse. Look over the vehicle you are buying and press EVERY button. It is rated highly for good suspension, heating and cooling, starting and charging, transmission and available accessories.

Buying a used Mercedes Cars in UK isn't as hectic as it seems to be. If it's first day trip hunting for any nice used car for the teenage son or daughter, it is most beneficial to just browse. Let us just look the reasons you may consider purchasing a used car:.

Article Dashboard Authors. The test does not cover their state of the gearbox, engine or clutch. If you are within the market for any used car, this resource can be likened to shopping in the diamond mine. For this reason, the vehicle always seems too slow, even when the speed is greater than 100 km/hour. Motorbike Mot Reading By Tony Roe.

When you start searching for good cars for teenagers, do your research. But since that old models were already exposed to depreciation before, the amount will be lesser this time. What do a floor mats and interior carpet look like? Many used car sellers will attempt to fool potential buyers by purchasing new floor mats don't be a victim of this tactic. Below, are a handful of great options for teen drivers. If you prefer comfort using a sportier look, then Lexus also supplies the GS sedan within the same realm by having an optional V8 and optional Hybrid power-train.

For Everyone:. BEST QUALITY AND LOW PRICES. BEST QUALITY AND LOW PRICES. Getting good condition Corollas as a pre-owned cars for under two thousand dollars can be considered a good investment. If you stick to the tips outlined within this article, you should don't have any problem finding good cars for teenagers under 3000 dollars.


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